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Qluster is designed to solve the unruly file ingestion problem.

1. Incoming filedata structures are highly varied and change unexpectedly
2. Expensive engineering resources are spent on brittle traditional data pipeline approaches
3. Data receiver bears the onus of cleaning and consolidation of data

Qluster provides a Data Firewall that protects your data pipeline from bad data, reduces your engineering effort, and empowers business and operations people to handle data issues.


Qluster Data Purification In Transit: The first layer of defense against bad data

1. Qluster sits between the sender and receiver of raw data with minimal change in the existing pipelines. Using machine learning, Qluster learns from good data so it can proactively detect bad data and quarantine it.
2. Using Qluster’s no-code solution, domain knowledge holders directly review and resolve data issues immediately without any need to wait for anybody else i.e. engineers.
3. As data validation rules mature and evolve over time, Qluster provides a workflow for the sender of data to easily view these rules and understand why certain data was quarantined.


Vendors can use AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage, SFTP, DropBox, Google Drive, Google Sheets, or Restful clients to push data to Qluster.
If you need a connection that you don't see above, feel free to drop us a line. We are here to solve your problems.


Qluster supports Postgres, SnowFlake, Redshift, and many other relational databases as the destination.

You can also have Qluster push data to object storage services such as AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage, and others.

For advanced use cases, the data can be pushed to external API's.

A lot of work has gone into making sure that Qluster never locks your Postgres tables and keeps the historic data accessible.

We empower engineers to build sophisticated data cleaning and validation logic in any language and run it as docker images within Qluster.

It can be as easy as getting the input file mounted on the docker image for the custom code to take over or as comprehensive as using Qluster's API directly.

Full Control With Admin Console

Admins have a 360° view on the data pipelines. They can create new datasets, data sources, destinations, etc. They can resolve data issues across data sources, approve database migrations, and view all the data in all destinations.

The admin console provides the answer to who did what when.

User Console

Historically one of the pains of data ingestion has been that the onus of cleaning data is on the recipient of data. Now with Qluster's user interface, we empower anyone including the data senders i.e. vendors to do their fair share of data cleaning! The vendor users can only access their own data and resolve issues specific to their own data.


Receive Slack notifications as soon as an issue requires your attention. You can control how often you receive the notifications.

Vendors can receive notifications for their own data as well!

Email and PagerDuty notification integrations are coming soon.

Qluster Cloud

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