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Collaborate, Automate, And Measure

Qluster's intuitive spreadsheet UI, makes it easy to create data workflows.

Data Quarantine

Qluster detects and quarantines the bad data before it can reach the destination.

Quickly pull and consolidate data from multiple sources such as S3, FTP, GCS, DropBox, GoogleSheets, SnowFlake, etc.

Data Schema Detection

Qluster infers the data structure and verifies it with data owners.

1. No more manually defining schemas.
2. Qluster removes the noise from your data to make the best judgment for the schema.
3. Nested data? It can flatten it for you.

Clean data at scale

Qluster aggregates data issues. You can clean millions of rows at once with one click of a button.

Data can change rapidly, and Qluster continuously monitors your data to find those changes and patterns.

Detect schema changes

Qluster stops the incoming data when schema changes are detected. It notifies the data owner to take action.

Data Validation Suggestion

Once patterns in your data are detected, Qluster suggests validation rules to safeguard your data.

Qluster suggests revisions to the rules as the patterns in the data change.

Data Lineage

Whether data was modified by human intervention or automated transformations, Qluster keeps track of all changes.

Access and clean your data through spreadsheet UI.


Receive Slack notifications as soon as an issue requires your attention. You can control how often you receive the notifications.

Vendors can receive notifications for their own data as well!

Email and PagerDuty notification integrations are coming soon.

Qluster is brought to you by the creators of DeepDiff

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